Kevin Foster Cox

Kevin Foster Cox

I’m a journalist who has worked for everybody from the networks to the tabloids. I received national recognition for a series of magazine stories about high-profile murder cases in San Diego, where I’m based. My great career disappointment is that I have only been subpoenaed once for contempt of court.

As a professor of journalism, my students have picked up many of my work habits. They’re becoming shameless self-promoters, just like their favorite prof.

I am writing a novel, based on my reporting career and all the fascinating people I've met. Here's a preview.

Top Stories

The Case of the Forensic Femme Fatale

Kristin Rossum

I interviewed Kristin Rossum exactly one month after she killed her husband, in the same apartment where the murder occurred. That night, I broke the story of Greg de Villers' suspicious death on News 8 in San Diego. I also covered her arrest, arraignment and trial. Court TV interviewed me for a one-hour special about the case, entitled "Pretty Poison." The segment is being rebroadcast by HLN. It's the start of my 15 minutes (see "A Case of Foul Play" below for my extra time).

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Anatomy of a Murder / To Catch a Killer

David Westerfield

A private investigator credits me with lighting the match on the David Westerfield case, San Diego's version of JonBenet Ramsey. The murder of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam went national when I uncovered information about her parents' swinger lifestyle. This two-part series earned a subpoena for contempt of court when I refused to reveal a confidential source, plus a national reporting award.

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A Case of Foul Play

Rick Post

I started covering the Rick Post murder case when I was still working for News 8. Following a news conference, I borrowed this old Polaroid from the FBI. Thanks for the long-term loan, G-men. The Rick Post story is a dirty double-cross with some international intrigue: a Mexican hit man and a Russian spy. Throw in a few Satanists and a kidnapping plot against kingpins from a drug cartel for some classic noir. Investigation Discovery interviewed me for a one-hour special about the case, entitled "Spies, Lies & Alibis."

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Hoist the Jolly Roger

The posthumous credit for the flag goes to an attorney named Melvin Belli, who hoisted the Jolly Roger outside his San Francisco law office and fired a cannon—twice—when he won a big case. Belli was an infamous swashbuckler. I’ve got a little Captain in me, and so do some of my former journalism students. One semester, when I told the story about Belli, one of them brought me a pirate flag. Ever since, displaying the Jolly Roger in our classroom highlights the work of my talented crew.




May 13, 2013